"For Jaque Fragua, graffiti was born not on a New York street corner in the 1970s, but as petroglyphs created on his ancestral lands near Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. Growing up on and off the reservation, Fragua witnessed his family’s practice of traditional Native art forms and also participated in illicit graffiti tagging, and came to experience both as natural expressions of personal and cultural identity. As a practicing artist, graffiti has become a mode with which Fragua can complicate the entrenched notions of Native identity that are created and reinforced through popular visual culture.

Part of graffiti’s power lies in its ability to disseminate ideas quickly to a broad audience, either through its placement on highly public sites or on moving trains or subway cars. For artists such as Fragua, graffiti’s connection to travel makes it a particularly relevant way to critique the tourist culture that pervades New Mexico. Images on billboards, highway signs, and tourist traps offer up Native culture as a saleable commodity, impersonal, and empty of social and aesthetic relevance. Fragua’s public murals appropriate these images, turning them against themselves. By incorporating authentic elements, such as textile and pottery designs into his consumer-culture mashups, his art both bears witness to, and holds us accountable for, the dissolution of the Native American dream.

Issues of social justice loom large in Fragua’s work, and the public platform that street art affords provides the appropriate forum for his activism. He works with the art and advocacy group Honor the Treaties and a recent mural in Tucson decried Arizona’s decision to remove Ethnic Studies from state-sponsored education.”

-Jessica Hunter-Larsen


2005-2006 Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM; New Media Arts


2013 ZENDO, Albuquerque, NM, TOUGH SOUL

2013 1Spot Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, #NATIVEAMERICA

2012 IZZY MARTIN, Albuquerque, NM, POPUP SHOP

2012 SB’s Late-night Lunchbox, Las Cruces, NM, Prints, & the Revolution

2012 Beals And Abbate Fine Art, Phoenix, AZ, Cowboy & Injuns

2010 Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM, Rubbish


2014 South Bay Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA, NATIVE

2014 1Spot Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, Abstract Abstract

2013 J. Riggs Fine Art, Miami, FL, As Is

2012 Autry National Center, Los Angeles, CA, Marketplace

2012 Santa Fe Hilton, Santa Fe, NM, The Hour Has Arrived: Interiors

2011 FireGod Gallery, Albuquerque, NM, Vision Quest

2010 516 ARTS, Albuquerque, NM, The Populist Phenomenon

2010 FireGod Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, FireGod Gallery Presents

2010 Tonatierra Institute, Phoenix, AZ, Resource Recourse

2009 Pop Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, Native Pulse

2009 Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM, Home Is Where The Art Is

2009 Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Washington DC, Ramp It Up

2008 Pop Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, Blazing Saddles

2008 Think Visual Gallery, Point Arena, CA, Speaking from the Earth

2007 Pop Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, Toys & Tales

2007 Pop Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, Native Vinyl

2006 Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, Santa Fe, NM, Relations: Indigenous Dialogue

2006 Institute of American Indian Arts Musuem, Santa Fe, NM, Student Spring Exhibition


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2014 Recipient, Visionary Award, Contemporary Native Art Magazine, Phoenix, AZ.

2012 Artist, The Rising Artists Project Artist Residency, Santa Fe Indian Market & Nativo Lodge, Albuquerque, NM.

2011 Fellow, Malcolm & Connie Goodman Fellowship, Wheelwright Museum, Santa Fe, NM.


2014 Ohio Wesleyan University

2014 Columbia University

2014 Colorado College

2013 Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

2013 University of New Mexico

2013 Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

2012 New Mexico State University

2010 Institute of American Indian Arts

2008 Museum of Indian Arts & Culture
Navajo & Hopi Say NO COAL MINING!
Denver, 2008

Navajo & Hopi Say NO COAL MINING!

Denver, 2008


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